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magazine cover 1960'S GAMES VOL. 1—Here's an extra large volume of some of the more obscure game shows of the 60's. DREAM HOUSE (1966 ABC), THE BABY GAME (1967 ABC), THE FACE IS FAMILIAR (1966 CBS), THE CROSSWORD GAME (1966) and FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK (1968 ABC).

1960'S GAMES VOL. 2—Lloyd Thaxton hosts EVERYBODY'S TALKING (1968 ABC) with Imogene Coca, Chad Stuart of the singing duo Chad & Jeremy and Audrey Meadows. Tom Kennedy welcomes Pat Carroll and Mel Torme to YOU DON'T SAY (1966 NBC) in living color and finally come on in, we've been waiting for you to play TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES (1961 NBC) with Bob Barker! And don't forget to spay your pet!


ABC GAME SHOWS VOL. 2—Here's three episodes of one of my favorite early games, live from Hollywood, it's PENNY TO A MILLION (1955) starring Bill Goodwin! Then, Bill Nimmo hosts KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY (1957) an early version of 'Family Feud' that also features some great early ABC promos!

ABC SPORTS—ABC'S WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS (8/3/67) Howard Cosell calls a heavyweight match between Jimmy Ellis and Leotis Martin. This is the first hour of this broadcast. Then, live from Paramus, NJ, here's four episodes of ABC's filler bowling show after THE FIGHT OF THE WEEK, MAKE THAT SPARE!

BOLD JOURNEY—Here are three episodes of this late 50's ABC adventure program which travels all over the world to bring the strange and unusual to your television screens! First, two episodes where Bold Journey's cameras travel to Africa to visit the silver screens newest Tarzan, Gordon Scott and see how those "Tarzan' movies are made! Then we'll see singing cowboy Roy Rogers at play in his speedboat! Talk about High Adventure!

CBS SPORTS—From 1961 the CBS SUNDAY SPORTS SPECTACULAR looks at the Baltimore Orioles spring training, then from 1955, THE WEDNESDAY NIGHT FIGHTS! Both with original commercials!

CROOKED QUIZ SHOWS VOL. 1—TWENTY-ONE (1956), THE $64,000 QUESTION (1955 CBS), THE $64,000 CHALLENGE (1956 CBS), THE $100,000 BIG SURPRISE (1957 ).

CROOKED QUIZ SHOWS VOL. 2—2 episodes of TWENTY-ONE (1956), THE $64,000 QUESTION (1956 CBS), THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM (1957 CBS) The $64,000 Question's host Hal March is the guest-star, can you imagine Jack in the isolation booth going for the big money?


ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY VOL. 1—Everyones favorite witch stars in two great programs! THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE (1966 ABC) Liz hosts Vic Damone, Jackie Mason and Paul Lynde. FRONTIER CIRCUS (1961 CBS) starring Chill Wills and John Derek. Liz guest-stars and a mysterious woman with a deadly secret!

ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY VOL. 2—WESTINGHOUSE STUDIO ONE—'Drop of a Hat' (1955 CBS) Liz is one of the stars in this live drama of the fashion industry. WARNER BROTHERS PRESENTS—'Siege' (1956 ABC) Liz stars as a schoolteacher whose classroom has been taken over by an escaped convict!

GAME SHOW PILOTS—PLAY YOUR HUNCH (1958 CBS) w/ Merv Griffin, KEY WITNESS (1959) w/ Vincent Price, BEAT THE ODDS (1962 KTLA/Paramount) W/ Warren 'Strike it Rich' Hull and TALKING PICTURES (1968 CBS) a Hollywood squares knock-off hosted byAllan ludden and featuring Carol Burnett, Ann Miller, Paul Winchell and many more celebrities! In COLOR!



GAME SHOWS VOL. 3—GIANT STEP (1957), a pint-sized $64,000 QUESTION featuring kid contestants and host Bert Parks, CONCENTRATION (1958) starring Hugh Downs, PEOPLE ARE FUNNY (1955) starring Art Linkletter and THE BIG PAYOFF(1957 CBS)!

GAME SHOWS VOL. 4—VIDEO VILLAGE (1960) with Jack Narz, CAMOUFLAGE (1962), CONCENTRATION (1968), DR. I.Q. (1958).

GAME SHOWS VOL. 5—Here's three 1950's favorites with original commercials BEAT THE CLOCK, IT'S NEWS TO ME and TO TELL THE TRUTH (1/7/58).

GAME SHOWS VOL. 6—DOTTO (7/29/58), STUMP THE STARS (1962), THE OBJECT IS... (1964) and EYE GUESS (1968).

THE HIPPIE TEMPTATION & THE HOMOSEXUALS—Two of the most amazing news documentaries of the 60s! Harry Reasoner gets a case of the Haight-Ashburys and warns us all about THE HIPPIE TEMPTATION (1967). Then Mike Wallace meets THE HOMOSEXUALS (1966) in a series of shadowy-faced interviews! BONUS! BOYS BEWARE! An educational short from he early 60s warning young boys about those older men who loiter around the basketball court and public restrooms! Yikes!

INTERNATIONAL TV VOL. 1—It's about time we explored the wide, wide, world of Vintage TV! First up, the classic hour of comedy, satire and song THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS (1963 BBC), followed by episodes of the early 60's police dramas GHOST SQUAD and INTERPOL CALLING. These police dramas have Greek (?!) subtitles.

INTERNATIONAL TV VOL. 2—Here are episodes of 4 different British police series from the late 50's- early 60's, if you enjoy The Avengers, you'll enjoy these! DIAL 999, INTERPOL CALLING, GHOST SQUAD and THE SENTIMENTAL AGENT with a guest appearance by a young Diana Rigg! Greek subtitles!

INTERNATIONAL TV VOL. 3—Let's travel to Canada and enjoy the Great White North's favorite musical program CROSS-CANADA HIT PARADE! Modeled after the US Your Hit Parade, this program counts down the popular hits of the week as determined by a poll of of some people or other! 4 tune-filled 1957 episodes (some with commercials), featuring a speial guest appearance by Pat Boone!

JOE PYNE—Joe was one of the original angry talk show hosts, he always said he had a gun in his desk! Watch Joe take his guests apart piece by piece in these two great color shows from 1966. Almost two and a half hours of controversy, sixties-style!

MASQUERADE PARTY—Here's three episodes of one of my favorite games, a celebrity panel tries to guess the identity of a fellow celebrity in disguise! Two 1955 ABC episodes with Peter Donald as host are followed by a 1959 version hosted by the one and only Bert Parks!

PRESIDENTIAL COMMERCIALS VOL. 1—Here are two and a half hours of commercials from the 1952 Eisenhower-Stevenson race up to the Bush-Dukakis streetfight of 1988!

PRESIDENTIAL COMMERCIALS VOL. 2—Here's two more hours of negative ads (remember Willie Horton, Boston Harbor, the Daisy ad and other classics?) including Ronald Reagan's 1964 speech in support of Barry Goldwater titled 'A Time for Choosing'.

RARE ABC SOAPS—First, an early episode of GENERAL HOSPITALfrom 1963 (it's first year)and then the first and last episodes of a unique soap centered on the life of today's teens, NEVER TOO YOUNG (1965-66) starring 'Leave it to Beaver''s Tony Dow and 'Lassie''s Tommy Rettig!

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 1—Here are four long-lost sitcom pilots. WILBUR POST AND MR. ED (1960), the original pilot with a different cast. THE PATTY DUKE SHOW (1963) starring Patty and her identical cousin, but with a different family! HAPPY (1960), a wacky comedy starring Ronnie Burns as the father of a baby whose thoughts we can hear! PRIDE OF THE FAMILY (1953): Paul Hartman and Fay Wray star in one of those typical "Dad is an Idiot" sitcoms.

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 2—Here are two hour-long pilots from the Sixties starring Peter Graves! In LAS VEGAS BEAT Peter leads a detective squad solving crimes in America's most glamorous and dangerous city! Then, a really interesting pilot; CALL TO DANGER (1967) stars Peter Graves with Daniel J. Travanti and James Gregory. This is kind of a dry run for 'Mission Impossible' as Peter stars as a genius working for a secret Government agency who usedchess moves and a room full of computers to come up with master plans to trip up and catch master criminals! This one is not in super visual shape, but as a pop culture curiosity it's well worth checking out!

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 3—Here are four more shows from the 50s and 60s that never made it out of the gate! They have their own charms, though! SIMON LASH stars Jock 'Tarzan' Mahoney, THE SEA DIVERS is a bargain-basement 'Sea Hunt' starring Rhodes Reason, HERE COMES TOBAR stars a crime-fighting robot and finally, that undersea crime fighter, CAPTAIN FATHOM!

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 5—BEACH PATROL (1960) starring Alex Nichol & Joanna Barnes, FEMALE OF THE SPECIES (1954) starring Geraldine Brooks & Amanda Blake, SCREEN WRITERS PLAYHOUSE (1953) 'A String of Blue Beads' starring Louis Jourdan and Margaret Hamilton and FOR THE DEFENSE (1954) starring Edward G. Robinson.

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 6—Here's an odd mix! BIZARRE (1978 CBS) Richard Dawson hosts this odd melange of comedy featuring a newcomer named Steve Martin! THE JOE E. BROWN SHOW (1955) The satchel-mouth comic stars as a small-town grocer, THE BILL BENDIX SHOW (1962) Bill tries his luck as an owner of a fishing lodge and Alan Young and Connie Hines from 'Mr. Ed' are his guests! CROSSROAD AVENGER (1951) Talk about bizarre! Here's a 1951 COLOR pilot for a western directed by none other than Ed Wood!

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 7—Here's four more pilots, some made it, some didn't! THE DEAN JONES SHOW(1963), THE GEORGE BURNS SHOW (1958) George's first shot at trying a show after Gracie's retirement and then, complete with pitches to prospective sponsors and audiences, the long-unseen pilot to THE MANY LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS (1959)!

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 8—Woody Allen wrote this pilot starring Alan Alda, Louise Lasser and Sandy Baron as a struggling comedy troupe THE LAUGHMAKERS (1968), Larry Blyden stars in the pilot for the short-lived, but well-remembered series about a vaudeville troupe in Europe, HARRY'S GIRLS (1963), John Ireland stars as an insurance investigator out to nab THE CHEATERS and Charles Bickford battles against the odds as THE GAMBLER!

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 9—First, not exactly a pilot, but a half-hour sales reel to entice local stations to carry everyone's favorite controversial talk show host, JOE PYNE! Here's a prime collection of clips of Joe and a selection of his nuttiest guests and audience regulars sounding off in the beef box! You asked for more JOE PYNE and here it is! PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS (1967) a wild color pilot for a comedy and music program, THE NUT HOUSE (1963) the infamous 1963 live-action variety show pilot produced by Jay Ward that makes Laugh-In seem like Meet the Press! OH! THOSE BELLS (1962), the pilot for the summer series starring the hilarious Wiere Brothers, produced by comedy short veterans Sam and Jules White!

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 10— THE SERGEANT AND THE LADY (1958) This one should have gone to series, Jack Lord and Peggie Castle star as two detectives on the San Diego police force on the trail of the Blue Jeans bandit, this is a great show! COMMAND (1956) Everett Sloane and Ben Cooper star in a cavalry drama based on 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon', OPERATION E.S.P (1953) I'm not entirely sure this is a pilot, but it's one of the most entertaining half-hours I've watched recently. Sheldon Leonard and Bob Sweeney are two Runyonesque racetrack gamblers who meet a gent with E.S.P. Hilarity, of course, ensues.

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 11— ALARM (1956) Bandleader Fred Waring hosts these true tales torn from the files of your Fire Department! This week, a dramatization of the famous 'Coconut Grove' fire of 1942! BIRTHRIGHT (1955) True tales torn from the files of your local adoption agency! This show is fascinatingly seamy as they try and include mature subject matter without really talking about it! I SPY (1958) Raymond Massey hosts and narrates these true tales of espionage! Finally, for a change of pace, a fragment of the totally nutty pilot, 'I' THE LEADER (1955) starring Basil Rathbone as the super-smart leader of the most unusual bunch of crime fighters this side of a Doc Savage pulp!

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 12—Two hour-long pilots this time, TV scholars might remember CALHOUN, a 1964 pilot starring Jackie Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck, as the subject of Merle Miller's scathing book on Hollywood, 'Only You, Dick Darling'. Get the book and watch the pilot, it's an education on the production of mid-60's filmed television. Then, meet the mysterious STRYKER (1964) starring Richard Egan, Telly Savalas, Tina Louise, Al Hirt, Viveca Lindfors, Ed Asner and Dee Hartford, otherwise known as Mrs. Groucho Marx!

RARE TV PILOTS VOL. 13—First, journey to the CITY BENEATH THE SEA, a 1968 Irwin Allen pilot with all the cheezy special effects and explosions you've come to love! Then, a 1954 pilot for THE SHADOW and after you uncloud your mind from that, Darren McGavin stars in the pilot for WITCHCRAFT (1957), where host Franchot Tone treats you to tales of terror! Finally, an also-ran in the comedy-fantasy sweepstakes of 1965, WHO GOES THERE?, where Pat Hingle as the ghost of General Custer and Ben Blue as his faithful Indian companion, see we're already in trouble, haunt a house in West L.A. (?) where a freshly scrubbed American nuclear family has just moved . Simple premise, right?

RARE TV SOAP OPERAS VOL. 1—Here's a collection of those 15-minute nuggets of misery, broadcast live from New York Monday thru Friday, with their original commercials. LOVE OF LIFE, ROAD OF LIFE, THE SECRET STORM and more!

RARE TV SOAP OPERAS VOL. 2—HAWKINS FALLS (19/23/53) and some early half-hour soaps; AS THE WORLD TURNS (4/18/61 & 11/22/63) and THE SECRET STORM (4/20/61).

RARE TV SOAP OPERAS VOL. 3—More half-hour soaps; THE EDGE OF NIGHT (8/15/60), LOVE OF LIFE (8/22/60) and AS THE WORLD TURNS (8/22/60).

SILENTS PLEASE VOL. 1—Here's three episodes of the 1960 ABC summer series that reintroduced America to the glories of the silent screen with digest versions of the classic features, 'The Thief of Bagdad', 'The Road to Yesterday', and 'The Son of the Sheik' hosted by Ernie Kovacs!

SILENTS PLEASE VOL. 2—Three more episodes of this 1960 ABC summer series feature digest versions of the silent classics 'Yankee Clipper', 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' with Lon Chaney, and Rudolph Valentino in 'Blood and Sand'!

STUMP THE STARS—Here's the final incarnation of the long-lived charades program MIKE STOKEY'S PANTOMIME QUIZ. It's the same show only with a name change for this 1962 CBS run. Join Mike and show regulars Hans Conreid, Sebastian Cabot and Stubby Kaye plus stars like Clint 'Cheyenne' Walker, Mamie Van Doren, Diana Dors and Beverly Garland! Three fun episodes!

THIS IS YOUR LIFE & YOU ASKED FOR IT—Here are two of the most beloved shows of 50's TV. THIS IS YOUR LIFE Ralph Edwards tells the life story of silent stars Tom Moore and Buster Keaton, then from the 1973 revival of the show Ralph surprises Morey Amsterdam! YOU ASKED FOR IT (1955 ABC) Genial host Art Baker celebrates the shows fifth anniversary by looking back on some of the programs most amazing requests!

TINY TIM VOL. 1—Tiny qualifies as all three of the above! Tiny is interviewed in a half-hour program GET DOWN WITH IT (1995) which aired locally in Minneapolis, THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW (1968) Tiny shars the hour with Englebert Humperdinck, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and Scoey Mitchell, THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW (1970) Tiny , Nancy Sinatra and Bob Newhart are Andy's guests.

WIDE WIDE WORLD—Dave Garroway hosts this live 90-minute look at America's fascination with 'THE WESTERN' (1958). Gene Autry, directorJohn Ford and almost all your favorite Movie and TV cowboys past and present join Dave in this teriffic live 90 minute show!

WILLIAM SHATNER & ADAM WEST TV PILOTS—Ernest Borgnine stars as Capt. Quentin McHale in FRED ASTAIRE'S PREMIERE THEATRE (the syndicated title for dramas originally shown on ALCOA PREMIERE during its 1961-2 season on ABC) 'Seven Against the Sea' a dramatic tale of a PT captain and his crew. It's 'McHales Navy' played straight! Next, popular culture wouldn't have been the same if this 1964 ABC pilot had been picked up! ALEXANDER THE GREAT starring William Shatner as the mighty conqueror and Adam West as his aide-de-camp (and I do mean camp!) What a chariot opera! In faded color, but color all the same!

All materials are offered on a 'Collector-to-Collector' basis with no rights given or implied. All materials are for home use only. All materials are believed to be in the public domain. If there is a problem regarding rights with any broadcast in this catalog, please advise and it will be removed. Material is gathered from many sources and visual quality may vary, each tape or disk is checked for recording quality and is returnable only on that basis and for the same volume.

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