June 10, 2004

WordPress discovery session

A client has expressed interest in WordPress, and I've amassed a nice collection of links, tips, and tutorials that I wanted to consolidate rather than throwing into the swamp of my resources page. The information below addresses our specific concerns and interests, and I've only just started, so this entry is far from comprehensive.

I'd be most appreciative of any comments regarding your experiences, and hacks/plugins that you've found indispensible -- anything is helpful at this point ;)

The official stuff
WordPress.org . download . wiki . support/forums . template tags

Blogware comparisons
Asymptomatic's Blog Software Breakdown überchart (and its author's
reasoning behind his final choice

Scot Hacker on installing WordPress, TextPattern, and TikiWiki

Mindful Musings: Why would one switch from Moveable Type to WordPress?

Neowin.net forum: WordPress versus Movable Type

User documentation
Multiple Weblogs Support In Wordpress and other wonderfully well-documented tips at Burningbird

Scriptygoddess: community superstar switches teams without missing a beat (and if you've got a favorite of one of her many, many MT hacks that you'd like ported to WP, she'd like to know)

Resources and links
Carthik's Moving from movable type to WordPress (soup-to-nuts linkage on getting started, much of which was cannibalized for this entry)

Photo Matt has tons and tons of WP-related info, but I can't figure out which direct archive category link contains all the WP linkage, so you get the scattered-about index. Matt also has some very useful general scripts available, too)

Alex King's WordPress Styles contest (tons of 'em, includes screenshots and templates for download), and Alex' WP Style Switcher and several other hacks

Weblog Tools Collection on templates, skins, and themes

There are bunches of non-WP-specific style and template links on my resources page (ready-to-wear fixed and fluid x-columned stylesheets under "CSS" and specific templates and styles under "Movable Type," which I'm guessing can be relatively easily modified to work with WP)

Prashant Mullick (documentation, example)

Mindful Musings (documentation, template download, example)

The techniques section and sidebar (under "Photoblog Tutorials" and "Other Resources") of my Strobelit blog contains links to other (mostly non-WP-specific) photologging (and photography) tricks.

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