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magazine cover 1950's SITCOMS—Here's a new collection of laughs with original commercials! THE SOLDIERS (1955), a live NBC sitcom starring Hal March and Tom D'Andrea, PRIDE OF THE FAMILY (1953) another episode of this ABC sitcom starring Paul Hartman as a dopey dad, with Fay Wray as his long suffering wife and Natalie Wood and Bobby Hyatt as the kids. Then two episodes of Ray Bolger's early ABC sitcom, WHERE'S RAYMOND (1953) and the retooled THE NEW RAY BOLGER SHOW (1954).

1958 USO ALL-STAR CHRISTMAS SHOW—All three networks combined forces to produce this 90 minute spectacular starring just about every important TV and film star of the time and it was only shown to our brave lads and lasses in uniform!

1960'S SITCOMS—First, an episode of 1966s big bomb sitcom, THE TAMMY GRIMES SHOW, gone in two, count 'em, two weeks! Then FOUR episodes of the 1968 disaster THE UGLIEST GIRL IN TOWN starring Peter Kastner masquerading as supermodel Timmie and Carnaby Street will never be the same again!

ABBOTT & COSTELLO VOL. 1—Two episodes of THE COLGATE COMEDY HOUR (1951) Their first program features their 'Hot Dog and Mustard' and 'Shell Game' routines. (1952) Christmas program with Margaret Whiting and The Nicholas Brothers.

ABBOTT & COSTELLO VOL. 2—Two more COLGATE COMEDY HOURS. Monsters are the theme as in the first hours the boys visit a haunted house and meet Lon Chaney Jr. as The Frankenstein Monster! In the second hour (1954) Keefe Brasselle stars with his guest Sonia Heinie and Bud & Lou conduct a tour of Universal-International's prop department and run into Universal's latest monster, The Creature from the Black Lagoon!

ABBOTT & COSTELLO VOL. 3—Two more COLGATE COMEDY HOURS. (1953) Charles Laughton guests as the boys go to the premiere of their latest opus, 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. The boys go on a zany trip to Gay Paree in the next hour with Joe Kirk, Bobby Barber and Vera Zorina.

ALL-STAR REVUE—Two great hours of this classic variety hour. one headlining Danny Thomas and the other, Ed Wynn! These two shows are what the Golden age of Television was all about!

ART CARNEY—First, a fun special from 1959, THE ART CARNEY SHOW- 'Very Important People' (12/4/59) starring Art and featuring Dick Van Dyke and Gloria Vanderbilt, then WESTINGHOUSE STUDIO ONE presents 'Confessions of a Nervous Man' a comic documentary written by George Axelrod, the writer of the Broadway hit, 'The Seven Year Itch'. Art plays Axelrod and how he reacts to the sudden success of his play.

ARTHUR GODFREY—Before Howard Stern crowned himself the 'King of all Media', Arthur was the real deal! THE ARTHUR GODFREY SHOW (1959 CBS) Arthur interviews Jack E. Leonard, ARTHUR GODFREY'S TALENT SCOUTS (1956 CBS) and THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE Arthur hosts The Mamas and the Papas, Sid Caesar, Abbe Lane and Corbett Monica.

'THE BALLAD OF LOUIE THE LOUSE—(8/19/63 rebroadcast of the 10/17/59 CBS broadcast) Nat Hiken wrote and Phil Silvers stars in the Runyonesque tale of a loan shark trying to change his ways. Eddie Albert, Betsy Palmer and Pert Kelton co-star. It's Hiken, it's Silvers, it's great!

BETTY WHITE—One of television's most enduring stars, his volume features Betty White in three series from the 50's, LIFE WITH ELIZABETH (1954) a filmed situation comedy with Del Moore, DATE WITH THE ANGELS (1957 ABC) with Bill Williams and Betty White as newlyweds Gus and Vicki Angel and two rare episodes of THE BETTY WHITE SHOW (1958 ABC) a live comedy variety show that Betty starred in after the cancellation of Date with the Angels.

BETTY WHITE & PATRICE MUNSEL—Enjoy some rare and early ABC comedy variety shows from 1958! First two more episodes of THE BETTY WHITE SHOW, live from Hollywood with Del Moore, Hadley Stafford, Frank Nelson and more! Then, from New York two entertaining episodes of THE PATRICE MUNSEL SHOW with her guests Howard Morris, Tony Bennett and Martha Raye! You'd be hard-pressed to find two more entertaining hours than in the company of these two talented ladies!

BING & BOB—Bing & Bob, Bob & Bing, it doesn't matter, they're all over each other in these two entertaining shows! THE BOB HOPE SHOW (1955) features Bing and the lovely Jane Russell, then on THE BING CROSBY SHOW (1964) Bing welcomes Bob, Rosemary Clooney and Frank Sinatra!

BING CROSBY VOL. 1—Bing Crosby was the host most-often seen on THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE and here are four volumes of these terrific programs. Each volume has two programs. First, Bing welcomes Vicki Carr, Dorothy Lamour and Sid Caesar (who doe a great silent movie parody). Then Bing has Victor Borge and Paul Lynde as guests.

BING CROSBY VOL. 2—First, Bing has as his Xmas guests The King Family and Louie Nye, then Bing celebrates the 4th anniversary of The Palace with Jimmy Durante, Edie Adams, Tim Conway and extra-special guest Bob Hope!

BING CROSBY VOL. 3—On the first hour Bing hosts THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE with guests Red Buttons and Nanette Fabray then Bing stars in this COLOR hour (2/7/70), the final broadcast of the Hollywood Palace. Prepare to wipe away a tear as Bing reviews the previous 7 seasons with clips of the show business greats that trod the boards of the Sixties' greatest variety hour!

BING CROSBY VOL. 4—Here two of THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE Christmas programs! First from 1966 Bing and all the little Crosbys welcome Kate Smith and Bob Newhart. From 1968 The Crosbys celebrate with John Byner, Glen Campbell and The Lennon Sisters.

BING CROSBY VOL. 5—THE BING CROSBY SHOW (1961 ABC) Bing's Christmas show is from London this year with guests Dave King, Shirley Bassey and Terry-Thomas! Leisure is the theme of Summer 1962's THE BING CROSBY SHOW (1962 ABC) with Bob Hope, Edie Adams, Gary Crosby and The Smothers Brothers!

BING CROSBY VOL. 6—THE BING CROSBY SPECIAL (1977) This was it, Bing's final musical special taped in the Spring of '77 and aired posthumously. A mellow musical affair honoring Bing on this 50th year the show business features Bing and his guests Bette Midler, Sandy Duncan, Rosemary Clooney, The Mills Bros., Pearl Bailey, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor, Martha Raye, Anson Williams, Kathryn Crosby, the little Crosbys and, of course, Bob Hope!

BOB & RAY—Here's two hours worth of THE BOB & RAY SHOW (1951-2 ). Aided and abetted by Audrey Meadows, Bob & Ray dish up their man-on-the-street interviews, soap opera and genre parodies and other straight faced madness. Thought lost for years, these examples are from what was then called The Comedy Channel when they rebroadcast them a dozen years ago and they haven't been seen since.

BOB HOPE VOL. 1—Two episodes of THE BOB HOPE CHEVY SHOW (11/1/56 NBC) with Perry Como, Joan Davis and Julie London. (10/21/56 NBC) with Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz and James Cagney

BOB HOPE VOL. 2—Enjoy two more great BOB HOPE CHEVY SHOWS from 1/25/57 Bob hosts Eddie Fisher, Harry James, Betty Grable and Rowan & Martin, Bob's show from 4/5/57 features Janis Paige, Natalie Wood and Frank Sinatra!


BUSTER KEATON—THE ED WYNN SHOW (1949 CBS), THE BUSTER KEATON SHOW (1950 KTTV) a great live local half-hour, and three episodes of Buster's filmed program THE BUSTER KEATON SHOW (1952 SYND.)

CHICO MARX TV RARITIES—HOLLYWOOD HALF-HOUR (1950 SYND.) Chico stars in the serio-comic 'Papa Romani' then makes what was probably his final appearance on Charles Goren's CHAMPIONSHIP BRIDGE (1961 ABC), he appears frail but his charm shines through (this print is a little rough, but it is rare). BONUS!! Harpo appears in a 15-minute segment on THE TODAY SHOW (1961)!

CHUCK McCANN & SOUPY SALES—Here's an hour of excerpts from Chuck's WNEW series from the 60's followed by three classic episodes of THE SOUPY SALES SHOW (1965 WNEW) ONE OF THE EPISODES IS THE SAME AS ON SOUPY VOL. 1.

COLGATE COMEDY HOUR with DEAN MARTIN and JERRY LEWIS and EDDIE CANTOR—Dean and Jerry are at their wildest in this 1951 hour with their guests Polly Bergen and Bob Fosse! Eddie Cantor goes to UCLA in this fun little musical 'Cantor Goes to College'!

COLGATE COMEDY HOUR—Donald O'Connor hosts Hedy Lamarr, Marilyn Maxwell and Cecil Kellaway. Tony Martin hosts the immortal Fred Allen!

COLGATE COMEDY HOUR—Here's two more tremendously entertaining COLGATE COMEDY HOURS! Donald O'Connor welcomes singer Kaye Starr and comics Ben Blue, Frank Nelson and Sidney Miller! Then a tuneful hour with Rhonda Fleming and Gordon MacRae!

COLGATE VARIETY HOUR (12/11/55)—From the last month of this classic series, here is a one of a kind television event, a salute to the legendary actor, director and producer George Abbott with guests Helen Hayes, Eddie Albert, Edith Adams, John Raitt, Gwen Verdon, Fran Warren, Pat Stanley, Jack Straw, Nancy Walker, Sam Leve ne, Elaine Stritch, Russell Nype, Peter Gennaro and Bob Fosse.

DANNY THOMAS—Two classic MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY episodes with original commercials are followed by a color episode of Danny and his TV family's 1970 comeback show, MAKE ROOM FOR GRANDDADDY with guest Lucille Ball!

DEAN MARTIN—THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW (1958) with Frank Sinatra and Danny Thomas , THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE (1964 ABC) Dean hosts Vicki Carr, Jackie Mason and Leonard Barr.

DINAH SHORE VOL. 1—First, two 15-minute episodes of THE DINAH SHORE SHOW and one of the best variety hours I've seen in a while; THE DINAH SHORE CHEVY SHOW (1957) with Dinah and her husband George Montgomery, Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams and Louie Prima and Keely Smith! I can't say enough about this show!

DINAH SHORE VOL. 2—THE DINAH SHORE CHEVY SHOW (1960) with Dinah and her guests Pearl Bailey, Carl Reiner and heavyweight champion Ingemar Johannsen! DINAH! (1974) Here's a rare episode of Dinah's 70's talk show with guest Joey Bishop!

DINAH SHORE VOL. 3—For my money, there were very few consistently fresh and entertaining hours of variety on TV in the 1950s as THE DINAH SHORE CHEVY SHOW. They have a drive and energy that is positively infectious. Watch a few and see if you agree! This volume features two program from the 1958-59 season. This first stars Van John son, Peggy Lee and the immortal bard of Mt. Idy, Cliff 'Charley Weaver' Arquette! The secon d program is an unusual theme show featuring stars from all over Asia. China, Japan, The Philippines and Fiji are represented as well as a group of Korean teenagers known as The Rocky Fellers who tear up some good old American Rock 'n Roll!

DINAH SHORE VOL. 4—Two more delightful DINAH SHORE CHEVY SHOWS from the 1959-1960 season! The first imagines a musical trip to Paris with Art Buchwald, Eddie Constantine, Lione Dayde, Michel Renault, Carl Reiner and Marcel Marceau! The second hour features Gordon and Sheila MacRae, Joey Bishop, Carl Reiner and Audrey Meadows!

DINAH SHORE VOL. 5—Two more great hours! THE DINAH SHORE CHEVY SHOW features Dick Shawn, Red Norvo and Eve Arden! The second hour is Dinah's summer replacement for 1958 THE CHEVY SHOW starring Janet Blair, Edie Adams and John Raitt along with their guests Mickey Shaughnessy and an incredibly young Carol Burnett!

DINAH AND PERRY—Two great variety hours! THE CHEVY SHOW (1/21/57) Dinah Shore stars in this energetic hour and welcomes her guests Art Carney, Stubby Kaye, The Skylarks and Perry Como! PERRY COMO'S KRAFT MUSIC HALL (12/31/62) Perry ushers in 1963 on this New Year's Eve program with Ethel Merman, George Kirby and Peter Gennero!

DOMESTIC BLISS—Here's some more classic programs celebrating the institution of marriage and yes, I know that joke! A very young Jack Lemmon and his actual wife at the time, Cynthia Stone star in HEAVEN FOR BETSY (1950), Todd Kearns and Helen Chapman star as JACKSON AND JILL (1949) a Jerry Fairbanks filmed program for NBC, Nanette Fabray and Wendall Corey star in this Westinghouse sales film promoting her new sitcom YES YES, NANETTE (1961) and our old favorites Harry Morgan and Cara Williams in PETE AND GLADYS (1960).

DON RICKLES—Mr. Warmth first stars in a 1975 Special with a cameo by Frank Sinatra, then a pilot from the 60s written by Neil Simon; THE NEIGHBORS stars Don and the great Lou Jacobi as once good friends and neighbors gone seriously and hilariously wrong!

ED WYNN SHOW—4 1949-50 shows live from Hollywood! Ed cavorts with guest stars Gloria Swanson, Marie Wilson, Victor Moore and The Three Stooges!

EDDIE CANTOR—COLGATE COMEDY HOUR (1951) with guest Cesar Romero, COLGATE COMEDY HOUR (1953) with his guests Frank Sinatra and Eddie Fisher.

EDDIE CANTOR VOL. 2—Here's Banjo-Eyes near the end of his Live TV days in two outstanding hours! NBC MATINEE THEATER Eddie stars in 'George Has A Birthday' (6/11/56) and then 'EDDIE CANTOR AT 65' (1/12/57) an all-star salute to one of the all-time greats of show business!

EDDY ARNOLD TIME—Four episodes of Eddy's 1954 syndicated half-hour starring Eddy and featuring Betty Johnson, The Gordonaires, Hank Garland and Roy Wiggins.

EDGAR BERGEN VOL. 1—Join Edgar and Charlie in this delightful, star-studded KRAFT TELEVISION THEATER production of 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' (1955) featuring Art Carney, Bobby Clark and Arthur Treacher.

EDGAR BERGEN VOL. 2—Here's three episodes of DO YOU TRUST YOUR WIFE?, Bergen's bid to emulate Groucho's success with the quiz format featuring Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd and the lovely Effie Klinker!

ETHEL MERMAN VOL. 1—First, we have two amusing sitcom pilots starring Merm, 'YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT HERE' and 'MAGGIE BROWN', both in just-fair quality color unfortunatly. Then a swell BELL TELEPHONE HOUR hosted by Ethel titled 'THE MUSIC OF COLE PORTER' with her guests John Raitt, Martha Wright, Gretchen Wyler and Peter Nero!

ETHEL MERMAN VOL. 2—You'll feel swell, you'll feel great, you'll have the whole word on a plate after watching Ethel star on two episodes of THE COLGATE COMEDY HOUR! Up first, a funny hour where Ethel welcomes Jimmy Durante and singer dancer Gene Nelson! Then, 'Anything Goes' with Ethel, Frank Sinatra and Bert Lahr!

ETHEL MERMAN VOL. 3—GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE presents 'The Gershwin Years' (1961), a 90-minute special spotlighting the music of the Gershwins and the times they lived in. Ethel Merman, Frank Sinatra, Maurice Chevalier and Julie London star.

ETHEL MERMAN VOL. 4—More Merman! AN EVENING WITH ETHEL MERMAN, a mid-sixties BBC concert and FORD STARTIME presents ETHEL MERMAN ON BROADWAY (1960) with Ethel and her guests Tab Hunter, Fess Parker and Tom Poston!

ETHEL MERMAN VOL. 5—One more! THE BELL TELEPHONE HOUR (1960) The music of Cole Porter is featured on an hour with Ethel, John Raitt, Martha Wright, Gretchen Wyler and Peter Nero. THE UNITED STATES STEEL HOUR (1955) Ethel stars as a compulsive gambler in the compelling live drama 'Honest in the Rain'

FABULOUS FEMMES VOL. 1—Here's some of the great women of early TV! I MARRIED JOAN (1954) starring Joan Davis, MY LITTLE MARGIE (1954 CBS) starring Gail Storm, IT'S ALWAYS JAN (1956 CBS) starring Janis Paige and, for a change of pace, our favorite private eye Anne Francis stars as HONEY WEST (1965 ABC)!

FABULOUS FEMMES VOL. 2—Four more great shows! Joanne Dru stars in GUESTWARD HO! (1960 ABC), Peggy Cass is head chimp-wrangler on THE HATHAWAYS (1961 ABC), Lucille Ball guest-stars with Ann Sothern on THE ANN SOTHERN SHOW (1959 CBS) and another episode of I MARRIED JOAN (1954).

FABULOUS FEMMES VOL. 3—Here's four more fabulous shows featuring early TV's working gals! First, two live sitcoms live from Television City in Hollywood; MY FRIEND IRMA (1953 CBS) with Marie Wilson and MEET MILLIE (1952 CBS) with Elena Verdugo. Then Mitzi Green and Virginia Gibson try and break in show business in SO THIS IS HOLLYWOOD (1955) and Elaine Stritch in MY SISTER EILEEN (1960 CBS).

FABULOUS FEMMES VOL. 4—The new volume of this popular series features Margaret and Barbara Whiting in THOSE WHITING GIRLS (1957), followed by THE EVE ARDEN SHOW (1957 CBS), BETTY HUTTON as 'GOLDIE' (1959 CBS) and another wacky episode of I MARRIED JOAN (1954) with Joan Davis!

FIFTIES FUN—All with original commercials; TOPPER (1953), DATE WITH THE ANGELS (1957) and two great episodes of THE FORD SHOW with TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD with early animated Ford intros featuring the Peanuts gang!

FORD FUN—FORD FUN FAIR (1960) a wonderful hour of music and comedy starring Celeste Holm and featuring Peter Palmer, Jaye P. Morgan, Margaret Hamilton, Charley Weaver and The Great Ballantine!

FORD STAR JUBILEE—Join Orson Welles, Betty Grable and Keenan Wynn on the TWENTIETH CENTURY in a live 1956 production of the classic comedy!

FORD STARTIME—Dave Garroway hosts 'Startime Talent Scouts' (1960 NBC) where Joan Crawford, Maureen O'Hara, Hugh Downs, Ethel Merman and other luminaries share their talent discoveries with us, a grateful public.

FRED ALLEN, JONATHAN WINTERS & MORE!—Fred Allen stars in a trio of comic short stories on the ARMSTRONG CIRCLE THEATRE (1954), two 15 minute episodes of THE JONATHAN WINTERS SHOW (1957), the premiere of THE GEORGE GOBEL SHOW (1954) with guest Fred McMurray and THE RED BUTTONS SHOW (1953 CBS) where strange things are happening!

GARRY MOORE VOL. 1—The ol' crewcut probably did more television than 10 other early TV icons, Garry was the very definition of the comfortable presence, a host who didn't sing, didn't dance, couldn't tell a joke , but was always a welcome visitor in America's living room. This volume contains a rare kinescope of most of a 1950's hour and a great 1962 show with Robert Goulet, Allen & Rossi, Carol Burnett, Durward Kirby of course and an impossibly young Barbra Streisand!

GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATER—'HOORAY FOR LOVE' (2/1/60 CBS) Larry Gelbart and Woody Allen wrote this funny tuneful hour starring Art Carney, Jane Powell, Tony Randall, Janis Paige, Alice Ghostley and introducing Kenneth Nelson!

GEORGE BURNS—THE GEORGE BURNS SHOW (1958) George without Gracie, but with Carol Channing. THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE (1964 ABC) George hosts Connie Stevens and Wayne Newton.

GEORGE GOBEL VOL. 1—Lonesome George stars with Jeff Hunter in an episode of the classic GEORGE GOBEL SHOW (1955), then an odd pilot from the early 60's for a filmed variety hour with George and his guests Peter Nero, Joyce Van Patten and The Harmonicats, GEORGE GOBEL PRESENTS!

GEORGE GOBEL VOL. 2—I think Lonesome George was one of the great comics of TV's Golden Age, yet he's almost forgotten today. Laugh again with George in these two highly entertaining hours; THE CHEVY SHOW (6/7/57) Pat Boone and Shirley MacLaine host George and 'Hit Parader' Giselle MacKensie then THE GEORGE GOBEL SHOW (1960 CBS), George moved from NBC to CBS in his final season and this hilarious hour features Imogene Coca, Dennis Day and George's sidekick, Joe 'Capt. Binghamton' Flynn!

GEORGE GOBEL VOL. 3—Lonesome George is back! First, on one of his earliest TV appearances on the panel game WHO SAID THAT? (1952), then on the 1968 Summer series SHOWTIME with guest Soupy Sales!

GET HIP!—BOBBY DARIN AND FRIENDS (1961) Bobby fronts this hour special with special guests Bob Hope and Joanie Sommers. THE STEVE ALLEN PLYMOUTH SHOW (1959) Smock Smock! A hilarious hour with Stevarino and the gang at full bore with guests Patrice Munsel, Jonathan Winters and the great Phil Harris!

HARPO MARX TV RARITIES—Harpo stars in a dramatic role as a deaf-mute who witnesses a murder in this half-hour drama from THE JUNE ALLYSON SHOW (1960 CBS)-'Blind Panic'. Then a visit to John Daly and Jack Lescoulie on THE TODAY SHOW (1961). Harpo wends his way through THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW (1961 CBS) hustling 'Harpo Speaks' and finally he guest stars on THE RED SKELTON HOUR (1962 CBS).

HERB ALPERT VOL. 1—First, a selection of music videos from the 60's through the 80's with Herb and the Tijuana Brass, THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE Herb and the TJB host Shelley Berman and The Supremes and THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW (12/1/68 CBS) Herb and the TJB are one of Ed's guests along with Englebery Humperdinck and Tiny Tim!

HERB ALPERT VOL. 2—By popular demand, here is one of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass' mid-60's specials; 'SINGER PRESENTS: HERB ALPERT AND THE TIJUANA BRASS' followed by an episode of THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE hosted by Catarina Valente and guest-starring Herb and the TJB!

HERB ALPERT VOL. 3—Herb hosts THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE (12/12/67 ABC) and his guests are Liza Minnelli, The Baja Marimba Band, Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66, Burt Bacarach, jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery and singing songwriters Tommy Boyce and Tommy Hart. This great hour is followed by another hour of THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE (10/1/66 ABC) hosted by Bewitched's Elizabeth Montgomery with Elizabeth's guests The Baja Marimba Band, Vic Damone, Paul Lynde & Jackie Mason, In COLOR!

HERB ALPERT VOL. 4—Two specials starring Herb Alpert and the fabulous Tijuana Brass! THE BEAT OF THE BRASS and THE BRASS ARE COMING, nuff' said!

HEY LANDLORD!—Three funny episodes of this short-lived but well-remembered 1966 sitcom starring Will Hutchins as the landlord of a dilapidated New York brownstone, Sandy Baron as his aspiring comic roommate and Michael Constantine as just one of the tenants who make life interesting for Will and Sandy.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Don Knotts hosts this COLOR hour (1/25/69) featuring Bobby Vinton, Gail Martin, The Checkmates, Cyd Charisse and comedian Georgie Kaye! Roy Rogers and Dale Evans topline this country themed COLOR hour (11/8/69) with the Everly Brothers, Minnie Pearl, Roy Clark, the Sons of the Pioneers, Junior Samples and comic Sammy Shore (!).

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Bing Crosby hosts this COLOR hour (9/17/66) celebrating the Palace's fourth season with Sid Caesar, George Burns, Lola Falana, The Mamas and the Papas and more! Sammy Davis Jr. hosts a COLOR hour (9/26/67) with Diana Ross and the Supremes, Burns and Schreiber, Raquel Welch and Sammy's tap-dancing duel with Baby Lawrence!

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Sammy Davis Jr. hosts this COLOR hour (3/15/69) with the James Brown Revue, 'The Mod Squad's' Peggy Lipton, Charo, Nipsey Russell and from 'The Partridge Family', Dave Madden! Diana Ross and the Supremes topline this COLOR hour (10/18/69) with Sammy Davis Jr., 'Laugh-In's' Alan Sues, Willie Tyler and Lester and the Jackson Five!

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Two great hours starring Groucho Marx! (3/14/64) w/ Jose Greco, Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie, the Andre Tahon Puppets and Groucho's current wife, Dee Hartford assisting Groucho in his Dr. Hackenbush sketch! (4/17/65) w/ Gordon and Sheila MacRae, Shecky Greene, Miriam Makeba, Groucho's daughter Melinda and the final appearance of his movie foil, Margaret Dumont in the classic Captain Spaulding number.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Arthur Godfrey hosts two great hours with guests Shelley Berman, Dorothy Collins, The Mamas and The Papas, Sid Caesar, Abbe Lane and Corbett Monica.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Bette Davis hosts Bert Lahr, Barrie Chase, Jan Murray and Julius LaRosa. Victor Borge hosts Alice Faye and Pat Morita.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Bing Crosby hosts Charles Aznavour, Burns & Schrieber, Dorothy Collins, Skitch Henderson and The Mills Brothers! Diana Ross and the Supremes host Ethel Waters, Stevie Wonder and Soupy Sales!

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Donald O'Connor hosts two great hours with his guests Buddy Greco, Mary Costa, Don Knotts, Shecky Green, Sergio Franke, Morgana King and Dorothy Provine.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Here, in beautiful color, are the two terrific hours hosted by Judy Garland! The first hour (11/13/65) features Judy and her guests Vic Damone, Chita Rivera, Gene Baylos, Burns and Schreiber, the acrobatic Lyons Family and the Three Bragazzi, musical clowns from Italy. (5/7/66) Another great hour hosted by Judy, who welcomes Van Johnson, Jack Carter, Johnny 'Secret Agent Man' Rivers, the Black Theatre of Prague, British comedy Pantomimist Charlie Cairoli and the Roselle Troupe, Columbian Acrobats. As a bonus, between the programs is a rehearsal tape of Judy working out her 'What the World Needs Now' number from the second program. It's fascinating to compare her rehearsal with her on-air performance.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—It's Christmas 1965 (12/25/65) at the Palace and Bing Crosby welcomes Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians, Dorothy Collins, puppeteer Andre Tahon and the cast of 'Hogan's Heroes', Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer, John Banner, Robert Clary, Richard Dawson, Ivan Dixon and Larry Hovis! Milton Berle hosts this COLOR hour (11/22/69) which features Martha Raye, Steve Allen, Hines, Hines & Dad, The Youngbloods and, to heckle Uncle Milty, Irving Benson!

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Jack Benny makes his debut at the Palace (1/28/67) and plays host to Johnny Mathis, Petulia Clark and The Nitwits! Fred MacMurray hosts the second hour (5/16/64) and his guests are George Gobel. Dorothy Collins, Trini Lopez, comic Guy Marks and more!

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Joan Crawford returns as hostess on THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE (4/22/67 ABC) and welcomes singers Nancy Ames and Julius LaRosa, Tim 'Rango' Conway, rock and roll group The Cyrkle and more! Then, Diana Ross and the Supremes headline an hour (10/18/69 ABC) with Sammy Davis Jr. The Jackson Five, ventriliquist Willie Tyler and Lester and a wacky 30's production number starring Laugh-In's Alan Sues! Ding-a-ling-a-ling!

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Joan Crawford welcomes Jack Jones, Joanie Sommers, Allan & Rossi and Godfrey Cambridge. In COLOR! Burl Ives welcomes Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy along with young Candace Bergen, Anna Moffo, Ann Miller and comic Pat Henry.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Kate Smith hosts two great color hours with her guests Charles Aznavour, Juliet Prouse, Tim Conway, Jimmy Dean and The New Vaudeville Band.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Liberace hosts Rowan & Martin and Edward G. Robinson. Dale Robertson hosts Jack Carter and Morgana King.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Maurice Chevalier hosts Jane Powell and Tim Conway. Victor Borge hosts Allen & Rossi and Petulia Clark.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Nat King Cole hosts Ken Murray, Allen & Rossi and Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney. Tony Martin & Cyd Charisse host Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Phil Harris hosts Burns & Schrieber, George Jessel and Abbe Lane. Buddy Ebsen hosts Jack Carter, Willy Mays and the Wiere Bros.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Ray Bolger hosts Dianne Carroll, The King Family, Audrey Meadows and Paul Revere and the Raiders. Petulia Clark hosts Noel Harrison, The Nitwits, George Sanders and Lynn Redgrave.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Sammy Davis Jr. hosts Peggy Lipton, James Brown, Dave Madden & Charo. Robert Goulet hosts Nancy Sinatra.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Van Johnson & Milton Berle Here's two more hours of the Sixties' great variety program! Van Johnson hosts The Beatles, George Carlin, Mickey Rooney and Liza Minnelli, then Milton Berle hosts Adam 'Batman' West, Martha Raye, Henny Youngman and Sandler and Young!

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Van Johnson hosts Betty Grable, Sergio Franke and Jackie Mason. Catarina Valente hosts Bill Cosby, Bill Dana and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Victor Borge hosts two enjoyable hours with guests Alice Faye, Pat Morita, Steve Allen and Dino, Desi & Billy!

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Frank Sinatra tops this color hour with the Count Basie orchestra and Jack E. Leonard, then Robert Goulet welcomes The Muppets, Nancy Sinatra, Jan Murray and Chita Rivera! Also in COLOR!

HOLLYWOOD PALACE—Two more great hours of my favorite 1960's variety hour! Roy Rogers and Dale Evans headline this hour (2/27/65) and welcome Shelley Berman, Jan and Dean, Billy DeWolfe, the Ballet Folklorio, The Sons of the Pioneers and the incredible Nicholas Brothers! Milton Berle hosts this COLOR hour (10/12/68) and Uncle Milty's guests include Leonard Nimoy, Las Vegas' Bottoms Up Revue, The Checkmates, Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang, singer Lanie Wallace and Sidney Schpritzer!

JACK BENNY VOL. 1—THE JACK BENNY HOUR (3/18/59 CBS) with Bob Hope, Mitzi Gaynor, The Marquis Chimps and Senor Wences. Charles Kuralt hosts a fond look back at Jack upon his death in December 1974, A TRIBUTE TO JACK BENNY.

JACK CARSON—FOUR STAR REVIEW (1950) with Jack's TV company including Hal March in a zany hour! COLGATE COMEDY HOUR (1951) with Hal March, Betty Garrett and Robert Alda. HOLLYWOOD ON THE LINE (1950) Bob LeMond interviews Jack via his wacky television-phone!

JACK PAAR—THE JACK PAAR SHOW (1954 CBS) Jack's summer series and then over an hour of rare excerpts from THE TONIGHT SHOW (circa 1958-9 ) with lots of great late 50's promos including a color ad promoting all the great shows you can see in living color!

JACK PAAR VOL. 2—THE JACK PAAR SHOW (1963) A rare example of Jack's primetime program, this is a classic hour with Jack and Judy Garland. Judy sings, tells great stories and banters with Jack and I have to mention that Jack's monologue will leave you with your mouth hanging open, I kid you not!

JACK PAAR VOL. 3—Two more programs featuring the most fabulous talk in the history of TV! First a JACK PAAR PROGRAM from 1962 featuring Peggy Lee, Nichols and May and Senor Wences, then a 1963 show with Bill Cosby, Alexander King and Helen O' Connell.

JACK WEBB—Back again! This volume returns with a remastered copy of THE COLGATE VARIETY HOUR (1955 NBC) starring Jack Webb and featuring Peggy Lee, Jack takes you on a journey of creation from idea to opening night for his new Warner Brothers feature 'Pete Kelly's Blues'. Next on THE BUICK-BERLE SHOW(1954 NBC), someone's been stealing Sid Caesar's jokes and Sgt. Joe Friday suspects you-know-who!

JAN MURRAY—A personal favorite of mine, Jan stars in a hilarious stunt/game show DOLLAR A SECOND (1955 ABC) sponsored by Mogen David Wine! Then, Jan drops everything and flies in to the coast to pinch-hit for an ailing Milton Berle on THE MILTON BERLE SHOW (11/29/55), Jan welcomes Vic Damone, Gail Storm, Ben Blue and hosts a repeat of a dramatic vignette with Milton, Tallulah Bankhead and Frank Sinatra!

JERRY LEWIS—SATURDAY COLOR CARNIVAL—THE JERRY LEWIS SHOW (1957) Jerry's first solo TV hour and THE JERRY LEWIS SHOW (2/20/68) One of Jerry's late-60's NBC hours with guests Tony Randall and Nancy Ames! In COLOR!

JIMMY DURANTE VOL. 1—COLGATE COMEDY HOUR (1954) Jimmy welcomes Frank Sinatra! THE JIMMY DURANTE SHOW (1955) Live from Las Vegas with Liberace, Johnny Ray, George Raft amd Peter Lawford. THE JIMMY DURANTE SHOW (1957 CBS) An episode of Jimmy's filmed show with his old pal, Eddie Jackson!

JIMMY DURANTE VOL. 2—FOUR STAR REVIEW (1953) The Great Fred Allen and Eddie Cantor share the hour. THE HOLLYWOOD PLACE (ABC) Jimmy welcomes Ethel Merman and The Grass Roots.

JIMMY DURANTE VOL. 3—Jimmy hosts two great hours of THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE with Anissa Jones from 'Family Affair' The Turtles, Mrs. Miller and much more!

JIMMY DURANTE VOL. 4—The Schnozzola is back in a great new volume! First, an unexpectedly grim THE JIMMY DURANTE SHOW (1955 CBS) as Jimmy hosts an obviously ill Carmen Miranda in her final appearance, sadly she died of a heart attack right after the show. Then, from 1968, THE KRAFT MUSIC HALL presents 'JIMMY DURANTE AND DON KNOTTS DO THEIR THING!', the oddest comic pairing since Jimmy was teamed with Buster Keaton! With Jane Powell and The Baja Marimba Band!

JOE BESSER—The Fifth Stooge appears on THE KEN MURRAY SHOW (1950 CBS), with Milton Berle on THE KRAFT MUSIC HALL (1958) and in two of his own starring two-reel comedy shorts!

THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW—You've been clamoring for more of Joey's ABC talk show and here are two partial JOEY BISHOP SHOWS from black and white Armed Forces Television kinescopes. The first excerpt features Buddy Hackett and Homer & Jethro, the second excerpt is from a program presenting the Photoplay Awards for 1968 with Joey & Regis handing out awards to Jimmy Stewart, Diahann Carroll, Glen Campbell, Glenn Ford, Ruth Gordon and the cast of 'The Mod Squad'!

JOHNNY CARSON VOL. 1—THE JOHNNY CARSON SHOW (1955 CBS), with guest Rudy Valee, DO YOU TRUST YOUR WIFE? (1957 ABC) Johnny's daytime quiz, another episode retitles WHO DO YOU TRUST? (1958 ABC) and THE TIMES ALL-STAR COMEDY SHOW (1962 ABC) Johnny hosts Mata and Hari, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, Buddy Hackett and more!

JOHNNY CARSON VOL. 2—THE TONIGHT SHOW (1965) an Armed Forces print complete with the 11:15 segment before Johnny did his monologue at 11:30! Then the star-studded first hour of THE TONIGHT SHOW 10TH ANNIVERSARY show (1972), everybodys on this one!

JOHNNY CARSON VOL. 3— Here are 2 rare partial programs from October 1963. The first one with guests, Henny Youngman, Annie Farget, Ivan Sanderson and Don Stewart. The second show features Henry Morgan and Anne Jackson.

KATE SMITH—The Songbird from the South returns in two more KATE SMITH EVENING HOURS (1951-2) with such grat guest stars as Ann Sheridan, Myron Cohen, Gloria Swanson, John Hodiak and the gentle comedy of Ethel & Albert!

THE KING FAMILY—The famous singing Kings make their TV splash with THE KING FAMILY SPECIAL (1964 ABC) then they appear with Bing Crosby in an Xmas show on THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE (THIS IS THE SAME PROGRAM AS ON BING CROSBY VOL. 2)

KRAFT MUSIC HALL—One of the longest-running variety hours, here's two great shows! KRAFT MUSIC HALL (11/5/69) Eddy Arnold headlines this hour with his guests Judy Carne, The Letterman and 'Amazin' Met' Tom Seaver! THE KOPYKATS (1971) All your favorite impressionists go crazy in this great hour!

LAUGHS AND MUSIC—COLGATE COMEDY HOUR—Another great hour starring Martin & Lewis who welcome songstress supreme, Rosemary Clooney! THE CHEVY SHOW (1955) Host Bob Cummings is intent on seeing the USA in his new 55' Chevrolet and meets Ethel Merman, Jonathan Winters, Shirley MacLaine, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Leo Durocher on the way!

LAWRENCE WELK VOL. 1—Here are two off-beat hours from the 1959-60 season taped on location! First, the Champagne Music-Maker whisks his cast to the beach at Honolulu, Hawaii for a program saluting our newst state, then Welk and his band go back to their roots and front this hour taped at Santa Monica's Aragon Ballroom where they started their Television career nine years before on KTLA! Even better, the show splits its time between Welk and the band at the Aragon and staging musical numbers with the Lennon Sisters and the other cast members at the adjacent Pacific Ocean Park! See the park and all its rides in probably the best visual record of this grand but short-lived amusement pier!

LAWRENCE WELK VOL. 2—Polka on with another volume of Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Music Makers! This second volume features two very early kinescopes (circa 1956) of Welk's long-lived ABC series. No titles on these kines, but everything else is there, Dodge commercials, accordians and bubble, bubbles, bubbles!

LET'S LAUGH! VOL. 1—Here are two funny hours! DUPONT SHOW OF THE MONTH (1961) starring George Burns in 'Laughter USA' George uses a variety of classic comedy clips to help answer the question, 'What makes Americans laugh?' THE DANNY KAYE SHOW (1964 CBS) Danny welcomes Edie Adams and Fred Gwynne appears as Herman Munster!

LET'S LAUGH! VOL. 2—The volume is already a big hit and no wonder; first there's a rare episode of the first BOB NEWHART SHOW (5/30/62) with Bob welcomi ng guest Fess Parker, then the equally rare DON RICKLES SHOW (1968) where the Merchant of Venom, assisted by the great Pat McCormick run riot over guest Jim Nabors and trade zingers with surprise guest Bob Hope! Then let's wander over to the GENERAL FOODS SUMMER PLAYHO USE (1961) and enjoy Jimmy Durante and child star Eddie Hodges in a busted pilot, finally we'll grab a nightcap at the CAFE MARDI GRAS (1958) where the floor show is emceed by the comedy duo of Peter Marshall and Tommy Noonan and we're entertained by an incredible performance by The Will Mastin Trio featuring Sammy Davis, Jr. in a whirlwind of impressions and song!

LET'S LAUGH! VOL. 3—Laugh along with Danny Kaye and his special guest Lucille Ball on a great hour of THE DANNY KAYE SHOW (1964)! Then seethe along with Alan King with his litany of complaints on a hilarious KRAFT MUSIC HALL; "Alan King Stops the Presses' also featuring Paul Lynde and Charlie Callas!

THE LIFE OF RILEY—One of my favorites growing up and still funny, poor Riley, what a schmoe! Four episosdes starring William Bendix in his signature role and also featuring George (Jetson) O'Hanlon!

LUCY & DESI—TV's most beloved team, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are featured, honored and throughly feted by Ed Sullivan in these two special hours (10/3/54 & 2/5/56) of TOAST OF THE TOWN!

MARTIN & LEWIS VOL. 1—MARTIN & LEWIS TELEVISION PARTY FOR MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY (1953 ABC) a star-studded fundraiser starring Eddie Cantor, Phil Silvers, Spike Jones, Phil Harris, Danny Thomas and more! THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM (1954 CBS) on great show guest-starring Bob Hope, the Boys make a surprise visit!

MARTIN & LEWIS VOL. 2—COLGATE VARIETY HOUR (1955), a rare late M&L hour and the tension is really showing now, boy! THE JAZZ SINGER (1959) Jerry tackles the role of his young life in this TV remake of the clasic Al Jolson vehicle, all I can say is that it's mesmerizing!

MILTON BERLE & EDGAR BERGEN—KRAFT MUSIC HALL starring Milton Berle (3/25/59) Milton welcomes Yvonne De Carlo and The Four Lads! COLGATE VARIETY HOUR (1955) It's the Grand Opening of the posh hotel THE BEVERLY HILTON and Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd join gossip columnist Hedda Hopper in welcoming a galaxy of Hollywood stars like Charlton Heston, Audie Murphy, Walt Disney, Ann Miller, Bob Cummings, Jim Backus and more! This program also introduces Bergen's unique dancing figure, Podine Puffington.

MILTON BERLE VOL. 1—Two hours of the classic TEXACO STAR THEATRE (3/2/49 ) guests Ethel Merman and 'Numbah-One Son' Keye Luke. (1951) guest starring Danny Thomas.

MILTON BERLE VOL. 2—Two great hours of THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE with Milton hosting Nanette Fabray, Lena Horne, David 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' Hedison, Spanky and Our Gang and more!

MILTON BERLE VOL. 3—THE MILTON BERLE SHOW (1956) Milton hosts a tribute to the great Olsen & Johnson. THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE (1966 ABC) Milton hosts Liberace and The McGuire Sisters.

MILTON BERLE VOL. 4—KRAFT MUSIC HALL (1958) with a hilarious guest turn by Andy Griffith plus THE BUICK-BERLE SHOW (12/29/54) Milton's taking the holidays off leaving Arnold Stang in charge of introducing Delores Grey and Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney!

MILTON BERLE VOL. 5—Here's two more episodes of the classic TEXACO STAR THEATRE, first a 1952 show with guest star Ronald Reagan and then from 1/20/53 Milton welcomes The Goldbergs!

MILTON BERLE VOL. 6—From 1954, here's a BUICK-BERLE SHOW with guests Peter Lawford and Carol Channing, then from 1956 a classic hour starring Esther Williams and Elvis Presley!

MILTON BERLE VOL. 7—THE BUICK-BERLE SHOW (1953) with Vic Damone, Denise Darcel and the lovely Dagmar, the THE MILTON BERLE SHOW, a 1962 special with Jack Benny, Lawrence Harvey, Kirk Douglas and Charlton Heston!

MILTON BERLE VOL. 9—JACKPOT BOWLING starring MILTON BERLE (1960), Berle's nadir! After the cancellation of Berle's Kraft Music Hall series in 1959, Milton was stuck with this little chore to work off the life-long $100,000 a year contract he signed when he was 'Mr. Television'. Monday nights at 10:30pm saw Milton live from a Hollywood bowling alley getting off a pretty good monologue before the matches began. A celebrity of the week threw a ball for charity between the matches. Poor Uncle Miltie and lucky you, here's four episodes!

MILTON BERLE VOL. 10—Here's one more episode of JACKPOT BOWLING starring MILTON BERLE (1960) for good measure and then Berle's comeback show, the one he gave up his life-long contact for, THE MILTON BERLE SHOW (12/2/66 ABC) which lasted exactly 13 weeks on ABC's Friday night schedule! Berle said at the time that if LBJ wanted to end the Vietnam war, he should schedule it on ABC. It was a great show though, Milton's Wonderful World, Sidney Sphritzer, it's all here! Guests are Ben Blue and Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!

MILTON BERLE VOL. 11—Here's Uncle Milty in two more classic variety hours, TEXACO STAR THEATER with guest George Burns and the Andrews Sisters followed by THE BUICK-BERLE SHOW (4/20/54) with Steve Allen!

MORE MUSIC & COMEDY—Two great shows! THE MILTON BERLE SHOW (1966 ABC), another wacky hour with Your Man Friday, at least for 13 weeks, Milton Berle! Join Milton and his guests Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs and special guest Martha Raye! THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW (1971 NBC) Andy's show got sillier as it went on and this is a particularly crazy hour with Don Rickles, Tommy Roe, The New Seekers, Bobby Gentry and, of course, Janos Prohaska as the Cookie Bear!

MOREY AMSTERDAM—Four episodes of THE MOREY AMSTERDAM SHOW (1950-51 DuMONT), a cabaret show set at The Silver Swan Cafe co-starring a young Art Carney!

MUSIC & COMEDY—FORD FESTIVAL (4/26/52) Join host James Melton and his band of regulars; The Wiere Brothers and Vera Vague in welcoming guests Victor Borge and Joan Bennett! Then, on THE MARTHA RAYE SHOW (1956), the Big Mouth cavorts with Cesar Romero and Edward G. Robinson, also featuring Rocky Graziano and Sid 'Baby Huey' Raymond!

PERRY COMO VOL. 1—Two great PERRY COMO SHOWS (1957) guests Joey Bishop, Helen Traubel and Edie Adams and Peter Palmer do a number from 'Lil' Abner' (1955) with Vera-Ellen, Henry Fonda, Anne Francis with Robbie the Robot from 'Forbidden Planet' and Paul Winchell with Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff!

PERRY COMO VOL. 2—Two more great hours! THE PERRY COMO SHOW (5/15/57 ) with Fats Domino, Jackie Miles and Jo Stafford. THE KRAFT MUSIC HALL (10/59) with Nat King Cole, Rosemary Clooney, Gail 'Annie Oakley' Davis and Rin-Tin-Tin!

PERRY COMO VOL. 3—THE PERRY COMO SHOW (1953 CBS) one of Perry's 15-minute shows, THE ALL STAR REVUE (1953) Perry stars with Patti Page, Ben Blue and Joan Blondell, THE PERRY COMO SHOW (1956) Perry welcomes Bob Hope!

PERRY COMO VOL. 4—THE PERRY COMO SHOW (1956) Perry welcomes Roy Rogers and Trigger! THE KRAFT MUSIC HALL (1966) Perry hosts Judy Garland and Bill Cosby!

PERRY COMO VOL. 5—First three of Perry's very entertaining 15-minute CBS shows (6/10/55, 5/11/53 and 4/7/52) and then a PERRY COMO KRAFT MUSIC HALL from 1960 with guest star Bing Crosby!

PERRY COMO VOL. 6—Time for another visit with Mr. Relaxation! THE PERRY COMO SHOW (1958) with Ethel Merman, Conway Twitty and Marge and Gower Champion, then a 1957 program with Ethel Merman, Red Buttons, The Everly Bros and The Look All-American Football Team for 1957!

PHIL SILVERS VOL. 1—The old Sarge toplines two great hours of THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE. The first hour features Phil with Polly Bergen, The Lovin' Spoonful and Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. The second hour guests Connie Stevens and The James Brown Revue!

PHIL SILVERS VOL. 2—Gladaseeya! THE PHIL SILVERS SPECIAL (6/30/60 CBS) 'Summer in New York' with guests Carol Haney, Carol Lawrence and Jules Munshin. This special features a hilarious fictional skit on the origin of the Bilko show!

RAY BOLGER—Everyone's favorite song and dance man stars in an episode of WHERE'S RAYMOND? (1953 ABC) and THE COLGATE COMEDY HOUR (12/21/52) where Ray tries to survive the Christmas season!

RED SKELTON VOL. 1—It's about time that Red had a few volumes of his own! Here's three episodes of THE RED SKELTON SHOW (2/9/54 CBS) w/ guests Ed Sullivan and the King Sisters, (12/21/54 CBS) A Freddie the Freeloader Christmas show and (1/25/55 CBS) w/ Reginald Denny and Mary Mc Carty.

RED SKELTON VOL. 2—THE RED SKELTON SHOW (1/26/55 CBS) Red celebrates Thanksgiving, (2/21/58 CBS) w/ Mary Beth Hughes, Franklin Pangborn and Jackie Coogan, THE RED SKELTON HOUR (1962 CBS) Red welcomes Jane Powell!

RED SKELTON VOL. 3—For fans of the old Kadiddlehopper, here's two funny RED SKELTON HOURS with Red's guests Robert Goulet and Fernando Lamas.

ROSEMARY CLOONEY VOL. 1—We all miss Rosie! Here she is in her live 1957-8 NBC music and comedy show THE LUX SHOW starring ROSEMARY CLOONEY with her guest, singer John Raitt, followed by two great episodes of Rosie's syndicated THE ROSEMARY CLOONEY SHOW with guests Tennessee Ernie Ford and Hoagy Carmichael!

ROSEMARY CLOONEY VOL. 2—Rosie ends the season joined again by husband Jose Ferrer on THE LUX SHOW staring ROSEMARY CLOONEY (1958 NBC), followed by two more episodes of the syndicated THE ROSEMARY CLOONEY SHOW with guests Judy Canova and a knockout show with a rare appearance by the great Johnny Mercer!

ROWAN & MARTIN—Here's the comedy team of Dan Rowan & Dick Martin in two of heir earliest TV appearances on THE CHEVY SHOW (1958), actually the Summer Chevy Show toplined by singers Edie Adams, Janet Blair and John Raitt with Dan and Dick supplying the laughs! Then the legendary, hilarious and profane LAUGH-IN BLOOPER REELS! Not for the squeamish!

ROY ROGERS & DALE EVANS VOL. 2—THE CHEVY SHOW (1959) Here's a terrific hour starring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and their special guests Jimmy Dean, Molly Bee, who just passed away in February, and subbing in at the last moment for Dennis Day, Carl Reiner! Carl is a revelation doing some country humor, he may have missed the boat not signing on to the cast of Hee-Haw! THE JIMMY DEAN SHOW (1959) Here's the amiable and affable Jimmy Dean on one of his CBS daytime shows, live from WTOP in Washington, DC.

ROY ROGERS & DALE EVANS VOL. 3—Here's another great CHEVY SHOW from 1959 starring Roy Rogers & Dale Evans with their guests The Everly Brothers, The Kingston Trio, Johnny Cash, Minnie Pearl, Ernest Tubb, Betty Johnson and Lonesome George Gobel!

ROY ROGERS & DALE EVANS—2 episodes of THE ROY ROGERS & DALE EVANS SHOW (1962 ABC) with Dale Robertson, Charlie Weaver, The Sons of the Pioneers and The Little Wranglers, (1962 ABC) A musical tour across America.

SAMMY DAVIS JR. VOL. 1—HOLLYWOOD HOUSE (1950 ABC) An early half-hour variety show with Sammy, host Alan Mowbray and singer Polly Burgin (Bergen). COLGATE SUMMER COMEDY HOUR (1954) Sammy appears with the Will Mastin Trio and the great baggy-pants comic Gene Raymond.

SAMMY DAVIS JR. VOL. 2—The World's Greatest Entertainer returns in two great hours! THE BUICK-BERLE SHOW (3/30/54) The Will Mastin Trio starring Sammy Davis Jr. stop the show with the trio's teriffic tap and Sammy's singing and impressions! NBC FOLLIES (1969) Sammy stars in this color hour, a tribute to the Follies of yore, with guest stars Andy Griffith, John Davidson, Mickey Rooney and Connie Stevens!

SHOWTIME—London's greatest variety acts share the stage with a top American headliner on these 1968 summer replacement hours taped in London. (6/25/68) Eddy Arnold stars with an array of acts inclusing Freddie and the Dreamers! (8/13/68) Juliet Prowse tops a bill including Buddy Greco and The Dave Clark 5! Now if I can only locate some episodes of THE PICADILLY PALACE!

SID CAESAR & JAN MURRAY—CAESAR'S HOUR (1955) Sid, Carl Reiner and Howard Morris include Peggy Lee in their antics. THE ALL-STAR SUMMER REVUE (8/2/52) A great summer hour staring my fave, Jan Murray!

SID CAESAR VOL. 1—Two great CAESAR'S HOURs (1955-56) with Sid, Howard Morris and Carl Reiner! Classic!

SID CAESAR VOL. 2—Two episodes of AS CAESAR SEES IT (1962-3 ABC) a series of monthly specials. and THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE (ABC) with Bing Crosby as host. Sid does a incredible silent movie parody, one of his best! This is the same program that is on Bing Vol. 1.

SING ALONG WITH MITCH—Here's an hour-long show from this zany singalong series!

SOUPY SALES VOL. 1—THE SOUPY SALES HOUR (1966 ABC) A great color piot for a proposed comedy-variety hour starring Soupy! Guests include Chester Morris, Joan Fontaine and Ernerst Borgnine AS Judy Garland (don't ask). WHERE THERE'S SMOKEY (1959 ABC) A pilot with Soupy as a klutzy firefighter with Gale Gordon as the fire chief and his brother-in-law! Oh, oh! THE SOUPY SALES SHOW (1965 WNEW) An episode of his classic mid-60's program.

SPIKE JONES VOL. 1—Two classic COLGATE COMEDY HOURS with Spike and the band that plays for fun!

SPIKE JONES VOL. 2—THE SPIKE JONES SHOW (1951) a Jerry Fairbanks filmed half-hour pilot, THE SPIKE JONES SHOW (1956) a live CBS half-hour and two episodes of Spike's 1958 NBC summer series CLUB OASIS.

SPIKE JONES VOL. 3—Here's another CBS SPIKE JONES SHOW guest starring Harpo Marx and two more fun episodes of Spike's 1958 summer NBC series, CLUB OASIS, these are a riot!

STAGE SHOW VOL. 1—Jackie Gleason produced this very entertaining program during the 1955-56 season on CBS as a companion for his filmed Honeymooners series! The Fabulous Dorseys, Tommy and Jimmy hosts the greatest singers and comics around! This volume has four shows: 1. 12/4/55 Guests are Gordon MacRae, Kim Novak, Connie Francis and the Look All-American Football Team. 2. 1956 Guests are Joey Adams and Roberta Sherwood. 3. 1956 Guests are Eileen Barton and George Kirby.4. 1956 Guests are George Jessel, Sunny Vale and The Step Brothers!

STAGE SHOW VOL. 2—Here's five more episodes of this great program! 1. 4/14/56 Guests are Sarah Vaughan and Morey Amsterdam. 2. 6/27/56 guests are Della Reese, Larry Storch and The Seven Ashtons. 3. 3/31/56 guests are Joey Bishop, Roberta Sherwood and the choirs of Brown and Pembroke colleges. 4. 4/7/56 Guests are Jayne and Audrey Meadows, Helen O'Connell and The Seven Ashtons. 5. 1956 Guests are Dick Haymes, Roberta Sherwood and the Colgate University 13!

STAN FREBERG—NBC COMEDY HOUR (1956) Stan appears with Jonathan Winters, Ben Blue and hostess Gale Storm. CHUN KING COMEDY HOUR (1962 ABC) An incredible Freberg achievement that has to be seen to be believed!

STARS IN THE EYE—A live 1952 CBS special celebrating the opening of the newest and largest studios built exclusively for TV, CBS TELEVISION CITY! Join Jack Benny, Burns and Allen and the stars of I Love Lucy, Amos 'n Andy, Meet Millie, Our Miss Brooks and more in this one of a kind spectacular.

STEVE ALLEN & JOEY BISHOP—THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW (1968 ABC) The first hour of a 90-minute program, Joey and his sidekick Regis Philbin welcome Sammy Davis Jr. and Peter Lawford. In Color with lots of great ABC Promos! THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW (1968 KTLA) Steve's syndicated show with guests Jack Carter, Nancy Culp, Joe Williams and The Young Americans! Also in Color!

STEVE ALLEN VOL. 1—THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW (9/2/56) with guests Fats Domino, Georgia Gibbs, Steve Lawrence and Smith and Dale! (6/2/57) with Jerry Lewis and Xavier Cugat!

STEVE ALLEN VOL. 2—THE NEW STEVE ALLEN SHOW (1961 ABC) Steve presents Bill Dana and Frankie Avalon. THE STEVE ALLEN PLYMOUTH SHOW (1960) with Ginger Rogers, Henny Youngman and Tony Bennett.

STEVE ALLEN VOL. 3—An incredibly rare live and local pre-Tonight show late night program from New York (12/30/53) with special guests Eydie Gorme, Steve Lawrence, and Roger Price. Sponsored by Knickerbocker Beer. 40 minutes

STEVE ALLEN VOL. 4—One of Steve's classic Westinghouse shows from Hollywood! Steve does the first part of the show atop a flagpole. Later in the episode, Steve experiments with assorted types of gas and examines Mexican jumping beans. 90 minutes, on black and white videotape (1962).

TOAST OF THE TOWN VOL. 1—Early variety hours hosted by the legendary Ed Sullivan with the greatest names in show business along the world's top variety acts! (11/6/49) with Wally Cox and Phil Rizzuto. (4/7/53) w/ Gene Autry and John Raitt.

TOAST OF THE TOWN VOL. 2—(1950) w/ comics Joey Adams, Billy Vine, dancing acrobats and a charming French choral group. (1951) w/ Mickey Shaugnessy.

TOAST OF THE TOWN VOL. 3—(1953) 'THE WALT DISNEY STORY' Ed tells the story of Walt Disney featuring a filmed tour of Ed's visit to the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank! (1953) w/ Rosemary Clooney, Farley Grainger.

A TRIBUTE TO STAN LAUREL—I remember being let down by this special when it originally aired in 1965, not long after Stan's death. It really doesn't have much to do with Stan, but it can be appreciated now as a clever comedy hour with Dick Van Dyke, Lucille Ball and Buster Keaton playing tribute to TV's idea of classic comedy. In COLOR!

A TRIO OF CLOWNS—Here are some of TV's most beloved clowns, first Ed Wynn guest stars on THE RED SKELTON HOUR (2/15/66) where Ed turns out to be the long-lost father of Freddie the Freeloader! Then, a descent into madness with A DAY WITH DOODLES (1964) starring the immortal Doodles Weaver in an interminable number of 5-minute color mini-playlets with Doodles playing all the roles!

THE TROUBLE WITH FATHER—Married Hollywood couple June and Stu Erwin star in this early filmed ABC situation comedy. Stu's a high school principal (of my old high school, Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles!), June's his doting wife and he also has two adoring daughters (one played by Shiela James, later to play Zelda on the Dobie Gillis series and currently a California State Senator) and a handyman played by the legendary Willie Best! Four wacky episodes complete with General Mills commercials.

TWO GREAT COMEDY HOURS!—NBC COMEDY HOUR (1956) with Alan Young, Shecky Green, Jonathan Winters and singer Guy Mitchell! TIP TOE THRU TV (1950 CBS) the Great Sid Caesar stars with Audrey Meadows, Howard Morris and special guest Charlton Heston is an hour of TV parody and satire!

THE TWO RILEYS—Here's the lovable bumbler, Chester A. Riley and his family in the two incarnations of the television version of the radio favorite, THE LIFE OF RILEY! First, two episodes of the 1949 version starring Jackie Gleason, Rosemary DeCamp and Gloria "Penny from 'Sky King' Winters as Babs followed by 2 episodes of the later version starring Radio's Riley, William Bendix and Marjorie Reynolds!

VINTAGE VARIETY VOL. 1—Here's a couple of variety hours that have nothing in common, except the presence of our favorite dog pal, Rowlf! THE JIMMY DEAN SHOW (1964) a great hour of music and laughs with Jimmy, Rowlf and Edie Gorme and Jim Reeves followed by a fun summer variety hour OUR PLACE (1967) hosted by the comedy team of Burns and Schrieber, the Doodletown Pipers and Rowlf!

VINTAGE VARIETY VOL. 2—These two shows are great, but they don't even have Rowlf in common! THE DINAH SHORE CHEVY SHOW (1957) was one of the 50's top variety hours, I have never seen one of these that I haven't enjoyed immensely! Dinah welcomes Art Carney, Betty Hutton and Boris Karloff!Then join Johnny Cash as this week's star of the KRAFT MUSIC HALL (1968) where the man in black welcomes Peggy Lee, Carl Perkins, the Statler Brothers and the Carter Family!

VINTAGE VARIETY VOL. 4—Two great hours! MERCURY STARTIME presents GEORGE BURNS in 'THE BIG TIME' (1960) with his guests Jack Benny, Eddie Cantor, George Jessel, Bobby Darin and The Kingston Trio! Then THE STEVE LAWRENCE SHOW (1965) where Steve welcomes Lucille Ball!

VINTAGE VARIETY VOL. 5—Two fun hours! First, THE CHEVY SHOW (1957) starring Dinah Shore with her guests Joey Bishop, The Skylarks and Dean Martin! Then, on THE COLGATE VARIETY HOUR, 'LET'S FACE IT!' an hour of music and comedy with Bert Lahr, Vivian Blaine, Betty Furness, Gene Nelson, Robert Strauss and Gloria Jean!

VINTAGE VARIETY VOL. 7—THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE (4/2/66) Martha Raye hosts this COLOR hour and welcomes the comedy team of Allan & Rossi, George Carlin, Chad & Jeremy, Ann Miller and Barry 'Ballad of the Green Beret' Sadler! Then, on THE KRAFT MUSIC HALL, WOODY ALLEN LOOKS AT 1967 along with his guests Liza Minnelli, Aretha Franklin, John Byner and William F. Buckley, Jr.! In COLOR!

WALLY COX—One of the unique comic voices of the 50's, Wally Cox and his gentle comic style are undeservedly forgotten today. A classic episode of MR. PEEPERS starring Cox in his signature role as high school science teacher Robinson Peepers is followed by the GOODYEAR TELEVISION THEATRE live production o 'The Copper', a comic hour starring Wally Cox and Ernest Borgnine written by 'Mr. Peepers' creator David Swift.

WASHINGTON SQUARE—The 1956-57 season saw an interesting experiment in schuduling this hour-long musical-comedy show on Sunday afternoons. Ray Bolger stars as a habitue of New York's Washington Square and each hour features Ray, his guests and the denizens of Washington Square in a musical hour. Two hour episodes featuring guests Vera-Ellen, Jose Greco, Stubby Kaye, Gertrude Berg, Lionel Hampton and Bil Baird's puppet Aristotle the Turtle, voiced by Arnold Stang.

WOODY ALLEN—Here are two of Woody's rare TV appearances. THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW (1965) with Robert Goulet and Bobby Darin. THE WOODY ALLEN SPECIAL (1969 CBS) with Candace Bergen, Billy Graham and Tony Randall handling all the commercials for Libby's!

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